Diagram of the Oxford - Cambridge arc

In the arc

Bicester is a significant destination in The Oxford-Cambridge Arc, the UK’s knowledge economy engine.

Its central location within the corridor is why businesses are looking to expand or locate to this vibrant town.

Bicester has impressive growth plans with 10,000 new homes planned within 12 years, the population increasing from 32,000 to 50,000+ by 2031.

Future planned infrastructure works are already in place to ensure the transport network will keep pace with this growth.


Oxfordshire has one of the highest concentrations of innovation assets in the world with universities at the forefront of global transformative technologies and sectors such as fusion technology, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing, cryogenics, space, life sciences and digital health.

The University of Oxford continues to generate more spin-outs than any other University in the UK. There are currently more than 150 active science and technology start-ups in the region.


Aerial picture of University of Oxford
Scientists in lab
Bicester new homes

Strong foundations

Bicester is integral to this economic growth story. It is a fast-growing, sustainable location with extensive new housing, providing a wealth of talent for those companies choosing to locate in the town.

The town’s new residential areas include the UK’s largest self-build site and a pioneering zero-carbon eco-town.

It is also home to the internationally renowned Bicester Village.

Bicester’s exceptional rail and road connections also provide unique connectivity to both Oxford and the wider Arc, enabling unrivalled access to globally significant high-technology clusters.

Catalyst Bicester will provide the workspace and environment so that businesses from near and far can thrive.


Globally connected

Catalyst Bicester will offer knowledge-based employment space for people in a sustainable and vibrant location.

Located just off the A41 and next to Bicester Avenue, it is less than two miles from J9 M40 and one mile to the town centre.

There is excellent access to the international airports of London Heathrow and Birmingham International and charter flights from London Oxford.

Globally connected

Travel map

Locally connected

Local area map

Connected in everyway

Our vision is for Catalyst Bicester to have the best possible connections via pedestrian, cycle, bus and train networks so that people living locally can easily and sustainably access their workplace and link into Oxford, London, and further afield.

Your staff and visitors will benefit from sustainable travel mode choices when travelling to and from Catalyst Bicester.

Catalyst Bicester

Bus and cycle routes

Bus and cycle routes to and from Catalyst Bicester


Get in touch with our team to find out how you can be part of this exceptionally well-connected location.