Albion Land responds to Bicester Advertiser article about roundabout design for cyclists

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Catalyst Bicester landscaping strategy

Further to a Bicester Advertiser online piece (28.05.20), Albion Land has issued the following statement in response to what it believes is a misleading article and strongly refutes the claims made in the piece.

Full Bicester Advertiser article is here:

Simon Parson, director, Albion Land said:

“The new Catalyst Bicester leisure and employment development actively responds to the need for healthier and more sustainable travel patterns.

Catalyst Bicester will provide Bicester with up 1,750 jobs and recreational facilities within easy reach by foot or cycle by high quality connections from the site to Kingmere and onwards into Bicester.

More than 600m of new or upgraded cycle paths will be provided along Wendlebury Road and the A41 with cycle priority at junctions and accesses.  

The new roundabout at the entrance to the park has also been designed with cyclists in mind. The design safely accommodates cyclists who choose to stay on the carriageway and those who choose to use the dedicated off-carriageway route around the outside of the roundabout.

The roundabout adopts international best practice and fully complies with or exceeds UK standards and guidance. The safety of the design has been independently scrutinised and is approved and supported by the Highway Authority Oxfordshire County Council.

Albion Land has endeavoured to take on board observations made by the Bicester Bike User’s Group and is disappointed that the group still has reservations, despite the advice offered to Members at the Committee meeting from Oxfordshire County Council’s highway officer."